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At St. Paul Lutheran Church we believe God’s purpose for us is to boldly teach, preach, and live the love of Christ. We will share this purpose with all of our church family and we keep Jesus in our hearts at all times.


Guiding Principles
► Christ comes first.
► Jesus welcomes everyone, so shall we.
► Celebrate the love of Christ together.
► Christ preaches through us all.
► Follow God's lead.
► People before things.


At St. Paul, we are a congregation working together to fulfill what we believe God’s purpose is for us; to teach, preach, and live the love of Christ.
The best way to find out about us is to come and see. Visit us for worship, Sunday School, or one of our fellowship or service activities.
Seeing the congregation “in action” and talking with our members will help you get a good idea of who we are as church family. We hope you will join us as we learn to live in God’s grace and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. God be with you wherever you are on your spiritual journey


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